Under the roof tiles

Underlay is placed under the exterior roof and acts as a secondary line of defence against wind driven rain and snow, and reduces the wind loading on the roof tiles and slates and acts as a temporary roof covering during building construction, however, it is generally recommended in most product guarantees that exposure of the underlay should not exceed 1 month.
 Most modern membranes have many advantages over the traditional bitumen-based underlays:
  • Suitable for all concrete and clay roof tiles and slates.
  • Suitable for any roof shape and building type.
  • Suitable for cold roofs and ventilated or unventilated warm roofs.
  • Can be easily cut with a sharp knife.
  • Remain flexible at all normal working temperatures.
  • Can be used on the main roof areas, at the Eaves, Verges, Ridges, Valleys and Hips.


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Maintenance Plan

Missing tile? Cracked Mortar?

Download our Maintenance Plan here.
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