Solar Roof Advice

Solar Roofing is one way to make your roof a source of energy for your home. Since the introduction of government incentives, it can also make a sound investment.  To put the power of the sun to work you will need either:

 - Solar Electric (PV or Photovoltaic) panels or tiles to generate electric from daylight

 - Solar Water Heating (solar thermal) panels or tubes to heat your water

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In 2008 the UK government introduced the Climate Change Act. This commits the UK to reducing carbon emissions by 80% by 2050. Also, the EU Renewable Energy Directive commits the UK to increase its proportion of power produced from renewable sources to 15% by 2020.


To help ensure that we meet these targets, the Government has introduced financial incentives to encourage the installation of local renewable energy sources.


The sun is an ideal energy source; less than one hour's sunshine is enough to supply the world's energy for a year. If solar panels were fitted to every available roof in the UK, they could generate more than enough power to satisfy our energy needs.



Solar Links


Sandtoft Roof Tiles

PV48 Solar System

T: 0844 9395 900




Viridian Solar

Solar Thermal

T: 01480 831501



The Carbon Trust

T: 0800 085 2005




The Energy Saving Trust

T: 0800 512 012




Feed In Tariff Information




Energy Solutions - PV Calculator




 Renewable Energy Association


Maintenance Plan

Missing tile? Cracked Mortar?

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