Roof Styles

The pitched roof is the most popular roof shape for domestic buildings, but that doesn't mean they are all the same. There are many shapes and styles of roof, with some very common and some scarce rarities. This site devotes most attention to the common configurations such as mono pitch, duo pitch and hipped roofs.

The gabled or duo pitch roof - Also known as the "up and over roof", this is the simplest style of roof design and describes a roof where two slopes meet at the ridge. The pitch of the roof is commonly between 25 and 45 degrees.  (See drawing B)

The hipped roof - Roofs with four slopes are called hipped roofs. The two end slopes are triangular in shape and each is bordered by two hips which meet at the ridge.  (See drawing C and G)

Mono pitch roof - Mono pitched roofs consist of a single roof plane that covers the building. Single story extensions are often constructed in this way and are commonly referred to as a lean-to roof . (See drawing A and F)

Can't tell your gabled from your mono pitch? Check out the roof styles below:

roofstyles_01.gif roofstyles_02.gif

  1. Mono pitch roof
  2. Duo pitch roof
  3. Hipped roof
  4. Roof with sprocketed eaves
  5. Mansard roof
  6. Lean-to roof
  7. Square four hip roof
  8. Duo pitch roof with dropped eaves
  9. Duo pitch roof with eyebrow dormer window
  10. Centre gutter roof
  11. Duo pitch roof with cat slide dormer window
  12. Duo pitch roof with simple dormer window
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