I have just had a new roof installed, I have noticed that some of the tiles are cracked, what should I do?

If some tiles are cracked then these should be replaced straight away. If the underlay has been installed correctly then the roof shouldn’t leak in the short term, but water leaking onto the tile battens and underlay will cause these to rot in the longer term so it is wise to replace any cracked tiles sooner rather than later.

The most probable cause is foot traffic. This means that either the roofer, or another tradesmen, has walked on the tiles. Roof tiles and slates are not designed to be walked on, so if they are cracking or breaking when walked on this is not likely to be due to faulty tiles or slates. Generally, tiles and slates must be strong enough to withstand all the handling and transportation between the factory and your roof, as well as being resistant to the weather once they are laid on the roof.  But if any access is required over the roof, for whatever the reason, always ensure the relevant tradesmen makes adequate provision to both stay safe and to protect the roof covering. This can be in the form of roof ladders or crawling boards, safely anchored to prevent slipping and with some form of packing over the tiles.