Do I need to erect a scaffold?

For anything other than a quick visual inspection it is advisable to erect some form of scaffolding or safe platform to carry out any form of work on a roof. If the work is in a localised area then a tower scaffold or similar platform could be used. If access is required to the whole roof or a substantial part of it then it is advisable to erect a scaffold around the working areas. This will act not only as a safe platform but also an arrest system in the case of a fall.

It is crucial that you follow good practice when using scaffolds:

  • Ensure that the scaffold is erected and dismantled only by a competent person under strict supervision of a competent supervisor.

  • Never erect a scaffold over people or busy pavements as this could present a danger to the public.

  • Ensure the scaffold is erected on firm, level ground.

  • Ensure the scaffold is braced and tied to a permanent structure.

 It is also important that you check your home insurance as it may not cover scaffolding.

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 Please note, there is a certification procedure; when the contractor has completed the scaffold structure, a dated certificate verifies that the responsibility for the scaffold has passed over to you, together with an obligation to keep the scaffold on a safe condition. It is particularly important that you also display warning notices or remove access ladders if the site is left unattended.