My concrete tiles have a painted finish. Why? & Will this weather off?

There are several reasons for coating concrete roofing tiles, as follows;

  •  Protects the surface from rain water erosion and corrosion (acid rain) during the critical early life period.
  • Minimises dust and dirt and inhibits lichen/moss contamination during the early life.
  • Minimises the risk of surface salts and efflorescence formation during the critical early life of the product.
  • Minimises the variation in colour between product batches and ages, particularly main tiles and fittings, ie "Chequer board effect".
  • Reduces the perceived effect of the scuffing which occurs during handling and transportation.
  • Enhances the intensity of the tile colours.
  • Increases rain and snow dissipation rate from the roof.
  • Reduces surface water capillarity, ie improved performance.
  • Prolongs the effective life of the cement/pigment rich tile surface.
  • Enhances the perceived visual effect of the tile profile by favourably modifying the tile surface reflectivity.

Surface treatment protects the tile during the early, critical stages of the products life, and it is recognised in the roofing industry that the surface coating of a concrete roof tile is temporary, usually lasting for approximately 3 years.