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Concrete & Clay Roof Tiles, Recycled Slates and Solar PV

sandtoft-master-2-(1).JPGPart of the Wienerberger Group, Sandtoft offers the UK's largest and most diverse portfolio of roof tiles and accessories, including clay, concrete and slate products as well as the Koramic range of clay roof tiles.

In response to a growing demand for renewable energy, Sandtoft recently launched the PV48, a building integrated photovoltaic system which can be installed with virtually all types of roof tile or slate, regardless of the manufacturer.


Natural Slate & Fibre Cement Slate

Cembrit.JPGThe best natural and man-made slates the world has to offer are available from Cembrit. Cembrit have over 80 years experience in the manufacture of fibre reinforced cement products for the roofing industry.

Cembrit select natural slate from Spain, Canada, Brazil and North America. From UK quarries , Cembrit offer Welsh and Westmorland slates.



Roofing Battens, Cedar Shingles and Cedar Shakes


With over 100 years experience, John Brash is the UK's leading manufacturer of Roofing Battens. They also specialise in the supply of Timber Cladding, Cedar Shingles and Cedar Shakes.



The National Home Improvement Council (NHIC)


Home improvement has always been important, but never more than it is today. The NHIC has the facility the help bring your home inline with the challenges of 21st Century living. They can provide ideas and advice on the range of improvements and maintenance that are most suited to your requirements.



 The National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC)


The NFRC is the UK's largest roofing trade assocation representing over 60% of the roofing industry by value. By using an NFRC registered contractor you have the comfort of guaranteed protection of quality.



Viridian Solar - Solar Thermal

Viridian.jpgViridian Solar aims to encourage the widespread adoption of solar energy in mainstream building practice. A team of engineers and designers set themselves the challenge to design a cost-effective solar water heater. Realising that a critical proportion of the cost of solar panels is the way they were fitted, Viridian sought partners from the building industry to help with the definition and specification of the product. The result of this collaboration with developers, construction companies and other building professionals was a product that transforms the attractiveness of solar thermal.


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