Interlocking Clay Plain Tiles - Chorltonville, Manchester


Re-Roofing Solution in Conservation Area

Henshaws Roofing Supplies, a specialist supplier located in the North West used their expert knowledge to fulfil the remit from Kevin Price on his challenging property.
The semi-detached property is situated in Chorltonville which is an estate of only 262 houses which is located in the suburb of Chorlton in South Manchester. The properties were built around 1910 – 1911 as part of the 'garden village' movement. Houses are mainly semi-detached and built in the ‘arts and crafts’ style. Today, there is an owners committee which has a brief to manage the day-to-day maintenance of Chorltonville; this has enabled the residents to retain much of the character of the original estate.
In 1991 Manchester City Council recognised this as a conservation area because of its unique historical and architectural interest.
Kevin Price has been renovating his home over the past 9 years; painstakingly returning every detail to the original specification. When he was approached by his adjoining neighbour to replace his roof,  his first choice was to re-use the original clay tiles.
Gerry Gilmore, a local roofing contractor was asked to carry out the work. Gerry called upon Henshaws Roofing Supplies to visit the site and advise which tile would be best and to suggest a nearby reference site that could be viewed. Henshaws were able to point them to the re-roof of a house which had been completed several years ago using an interlocking clay plain tile in a conservation area.
This particular project showed Kevin and his neighbour an alternative to  reusing existing tiles, supplemented with second hand tiles, both of which carry no durability guarantee. 
On completion of the work,  Kevin commented that: 'After witnessing how well the interlocking clay plain tiles weather,  my choice was made easy'. He had chosen a new tile that has the look feel and quality of the original clay tiles. He continued 'This new clay tile comes with a 60 year guarantee, is eco-friendly and gives a real feel good factor to my home.'
The interlocking clay plain tiles have given his property a striking individual feel.  They complement the external appearance of the house and add value to his home.
He added  'Choosing this product turned out to be a more cost-effective alternative to second hand clay tiles and offered a brilliant solution'.
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