Roofapedia on the road - street videos

We've been getting lots of enquiries here at Roofapedia HQ, so both myself and Rufus took to the streets of London to find out how much homeowners know about the roofs over their heads.

We've video recorded the responses we got from the public & we think it makes great viewing.

Keep coming back here as I plan to take to the streets again later this year!

Identify the tile

First up, can anybody identify this object?


General Maintenance

I also asked "how often do you inspect your roof?".

Come to think of it, how often do you inspect yours?

Where would you go to find a contractor?

Last but not least, I asked "if you have a problem with your roof, where would you go to find a contractor and would you be comfortable enough talking about your roof?".

Jargon Buster

Not sure what each term means?

Click here for some basic roofing terminology.

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Need Tylers help?

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