Coming full circle: the complete dry roof - 22/11/2011

It might sound stupid saying you want a dry roof – but in technical circles, this refers to the verges, valleys and ridges. Now that we’re talking about the verges, valleys and ridges, it’s clear we’ve come full circle in the roofing project. What began with me noticing mortar crumbling from the verges has turned into a large-scale re-roofing project that will leave me with a brand new, efficient roof.
Rather than using mortar (which is called wet fix), I’m replacing all of the above with dry fixings – dry fix verges, dry fix valleys and dry fix ridges.
A great thing about dry systems is that they have to work by their own merit – there is no filling of gaps with mortar to try to stop water getting in, which may or may not work and will always fail eventually.
A good example of the overuse of mortar is in the valley. Many roofers fail to construct the valley correctly and then they rely on the mortar to keep water out. A properly constructed valley should work without any mortar. A mortarless valley system has a central upstand and pre-formed water bars and channels to direct the water to the gutter, which makes things much easier.
The use of the format dry verge system ensures that we don’t have the problem of maintenance at the verges. This has brackets which nail or screw to the tile battens and closures to prevent access to birds and rodents at the eaves and ridge – something I’m always keen on!
Similarly, we used a profile dry ridge system. This wipes out the eventual problem of mortar crumbling by mechanically fixing every ridge tile. Just as helpfully, it also provides high-level roof space ventilation. The system consists of ventilated strips that support the ridge tiles, unions with which we sealed the gaps between the ridges and fixing kits to secure everything into place.
Flashing in public
We used the KoraFlex flashing system around the chimney and at side and top abutments. This was an ideal alternative to lead and looks neat and tidy.
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