Top Ten Tips for a Tip Top Rooftop in 2012 - 27/02/2012


Check your roof

A question I get asked a lot as a professional roofer is “What can I do to check my own roof?” It’s always best to get an expert’s opinion and assistance if you think you have a problem, but it’s a good idea to know the things to look out for. I suggest you check your roof every few months, here is what you should look out for:
  • Missing tiles and/or mortar
  • Cracked tiles
  • Missing lead
However, if you think you’ve got a leak, check the following things:
  1. Go into your loft to check where the leak is coming from. If it is coming from the roof, then go outside with a pair of binoculars and check your whole roof, not just where you think the leak is coming from. If you do spot something find a reputable contractor via the NFRC to visit your home and check it out properly.  View our FIND A CONTRACTOR page.
  2. If it is not coming through your roof from the outside, the suspected leak could be well be the result of condensation, which can be caused by insufficient ventilation. For further information on indoor humidity, please click here to view our LET IT BREATHE page, and make sure you read our next blog post which is dedicated to ventilation.
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