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Roofapedia exists to help homeowners who are considering renovating or extending their property and need to repair or renew their roof, or, alternatively, use it to provide solar power.  The site was concieved in response to the lack of advice for the consumer. Most web content is aimed at professionals and tradesmen.  Since a roof represents such an important investment to every private homeowner in the country, its worth understanding a little more about how it works to protect your family and possessions, what goes on to your roof, and how this could benefit you.
Roofapedia has been created by a group of manufacturers and organisations who all share a passion for roofing and a desire to share some of that passion with the public. The manufacturers cover a broad spectrum of roof coverings and associated materials, which means Roofapedia can provide useful and straight forward advice on all the choices available.  In addition, organisations like the National Federation of Roofing Contractors, provide valuable advice on issues such as how to choose a roofing contractor.   
If you would like further information please contact technical@roofapedia.com
Finally, this website was created to try and help consumers make more informed choices when it comes to their roof, but its a big subject and we wont get it right all the time. So, if you have any comments or criticisms please let us know. 
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