What is the minimum roof pitch for a roof tile?

All tiles have a minimum roof pitch which is always stated in the manufacturers technical information. This minimum pitch is important, if tiles are laid below the recommended minimum pitch there is an increased chance of water getting through which can damage the underlay and battens over a prolonged period.

The general trend is for steeper pitch roofs, which is due partly to the demand for living space in the roof. However there is a frequent need to find suitable roof tiles that perform well at low pitches. Particularly for first floor extensions. As a general rule tiles and slates will perform down to the pitches outlined below: -

  • Plain tiles - 35 degrees
  • Interlocking clay plain tiles - 15 degrees
  • Clay pantiles - 30 degrees
  • Natural slate - 25 degrees
  • Interlocking concrete and clay tiles - 22.5 degrees