Manners cost nothing - 06/10/2011

Just a quick one – but it’s important to appreciate the impact any work you do on your roof has on the homeowners around you. Get your roof tiles delivered early in the morning on the day you’re ready to start laying them, so your roofer has a full day to get started. However, delivery trucks are big and noisy, so make sure your neighbours are aware you’re expecting a delivery, and ensure any driveways that might be blocked don’t have any cars on them – you don’t want to be responsible for someone being late to work.
Also, when you order your tiles, make sure they will arrive shrink-wrapped and on pallets so they can be stored easily and won’t get damaged. Also, it will reduce the ‘clutter’ and make sure you’re house doesn’t become a temporary eyesore for those living around you.
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God help me, I put aside a whole afternoon to frgiue this out.
06/11/2011 18:40:08
That is excellent advice on roof renovation. Roof of my house needs fixing. I will be sure to follow your advice.
28/04/2018 14:58:06
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That was great advice. People should really mind their manners.
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Please keep it up!
28/09/2017 04:08:47
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I too have to get my roof repaired. I have been postponing it for a while now since it seems like such a big effort. Thank you for your advice. I'll make sure I follow it.
14/11/2017 03:45:35
Manners really are free. If the service providers are good natured and do their work with dedication, everybody would want to hire them.
22/11/2017 09:04:57
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What you said about delivery trucks being noisy is very true and a serious issue in quite neighborhoods. People mind their presence especially early in the morning.
25/11/2017 10:43:51
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08/04/2017 12:09:14
Bernard tyler
I think These habits are very bad because everyone Person have Own Right of his/her place.But Some Peoples Don't Think ever.Even Mostly Peoples Park their Cars on road and Someone their neighbors House
20/08/2016 05:24:52
If you are currently facing a serious situation of having your driveway blocked and it is causing you a hindrance in performing your daily tasks then you need to stay calm and contact us. In big cities such as New York City, having a blocked driveway is becoming an increasingly usual problem.
10/12/2016 13:19:08
Sunny John
emergency services who found that blocked driveways, particularly those blocked by the owners’ cars were preventing the services reaching incidents.
16/10/2016 06:43:52
Mark Wiliam
That's Good Suggestion from All Thanks. Its Very helpful for Related to Emergency Towing Service
03/10/2016 08:21:18
We should avoid blocking driveways and garages because expect us Others Peoples uses that driveways so if do Driveway Blocked All peoples have disturb and its illegal and Opposite to Manners
27/09/2016 09:12:03
That's a genuinely impressive answer.
08/06/2016 06:12:26
Why do I bother calling up people when I can just read this!
05/06/2016 12:31:18
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18/06/2016 00:37:16
You are very right, because manners are completely free. The people who have good manners are appreciated everywhere.
23/04/2018 09:13:32
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30/05/2016 12:12:59
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02/03/2019 07:57:06
One or two to remember, that is.
29/06/2016 00:19:31
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